Modern, mobile-friendly practice websites

we offer a wide variety of designs that we can adapt to match your chosen colour scheme and practice logo


Our website design themes

Follow the links below to view some of our GP Surgery website design themes. Most of our websites have been built in blue or green colour schemes, but we can change the colours for your surgery website and change and adapt other elements such as photos etc...

For instance you might want a dark blue or grey navigation menu where we have used a light blue in our theme, or a completely different colour scheme for the site? Perhaps you would like a different font colour for the page headings or a larger font size or a different font entirely? You might prefer to use icons instead of photos or photos instead of icons?

All of our GP Practice website design themes are fully mobile responsive - they change and adapt their layout on mobile devices according to the device and it's browser size and resolution so that content can be asily viewed on samller screen sizes without having to scroll horizontally or pinch and zoom to make text legible.

Design 01 - Blue

Design 01 - green

Design 02 - blue

Design 02 - green

Design 03 - Blue

Design 03 - green

Design 04 - blue

Design 04 - green

Design 05 - Blue

Design 05 - green

Design 06 - blue

Design 06 - green

Design 07 - Blue

Design 07 - green

Design 08 - blue

Design 08 - green