Responsive, mobile-optimised practice websites

Responsive design ensures your practice website will work across computers, tablets and mobile devices


What is responsive design?

Put simply 'responsive' websites respond or adapt to the device they are being viewed on, changing their layout to suit the device's screen size and resolution. This avoids having to pinch and zoom or scroll left and right on smartphones and tablets to view content. Responsive websites provide the user with an optimal viewing experience. Whether the website is accessed from a mobile or tablet, you can be confident that your practice website will look stunning. All of our design themes are fully mobile-responsive.

With the digital landscape changing rapidly and the demand for tablets and smartphones continuing to rise and over 80% of website visits in the last year being made on mobile devices and tablets, responsive design should be at the heart of your surgery's website plans.

The two short videos below explain what a responsive website is and why it is vital to have a mobile-friendly site developed for your practice: