website editing made simple

take control of updating your practice website with our simple to learn and use online content management system



Our content management system (CMS) is the only website editor in its class to offer inline editing. What is inline editing? Just click on the page and type. No more forms or other confusing views of your website. With our CMS, nothing gets in the way of you and your content.

Our website editor is far faster to learn and easier to use than Wordpress, the most commonly used editor, which is inherently slow and full of bugs and has a very non-intutive editing interface. We provide our clients with a series of short streaming videos on how to use the CMS (remote training sessions can be arranged). Seriously, if you can type, you can use it. It’s one of the reasons that our clients love us.

And it’s completely safe. All changes are tracked so you can see what your staff are doing and even revert to previous versions of web pages if needed.

easy to update GP Surgery and GP Practice websites


Login to the online editor with your provided email address and password. A list of the pages which you can edit will be shown. Simply click on the name of the page you want to update to enter the live editor.

Different users can be created and given access to specific pages of the site. For example you might want to give access to a member of staff to only update the 'latest news' page.

Our GP Practice website online editor


Make your edits on the page in our unique on-page 'in-line' live editor.

Far easier to learn and use than other clunky online CMS systems and the Wordpress interface, our CMS allows you to edit the text in any page, insert links, change and add images, embed video, insert tables, upload and link to documents, add new pages and much more.

GP Surgery website content management system


When you are finished editing the page, simply click on the 'publish' button to make your changes go live.

You can also save a draft of the page and publish it later if you aren't finished editing. There is also an option set the page to auto publish your edits at a specific date and time in the future.

simple to learn and use content management system


Once you have published your edits there is a link to see the live version of the web page where you can check everything has been published correctly.

Don't worry if you make a mistake - the editor has a built in 'undo' function and also allows you to reload previously published versions of the page.