Central website management for Federations & PCNS

Manage website content for your group's websites centrally with our content management system


group website management

If you move the practice websites in your group across to Healthcare Sites we can give you central website administration capabilities to update content relevant to all the practices within that group. When a relevant alert, news item or any other upate needs adding to the various websites within your group only one central website administrator needs to add or update the content for it to display across all the group's websites, making website management simpler, smoother and faster and saving invaluable staff time for each practice in the group. Each individual practice retains website editing capabilities for the rest of the practice-specific content on their own websites.

We offer sizeable discounts to Primary Care Networks and GP Federations to redevelop multiple websites at the same time. If your practice is a member of a PCN or Federation then please call us or email us or submit the form below providing us with more details about your group's size and needs and we will get in touch with you to discuss the efficiency and cost savings that we can offer you.

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