Deploy Patient Surveys on your website

Patient surveys are easly set up using our free installation of Lime Survey


Easy Survey Setup

We install a copy of Lime Survey for all our clients which allows you to easily setup and integrate patient surveys on your practice website.

Lime Survey is open-source, free survey software allowing you to run ananonymised surveys with no personal details or patient identifiers, the submissions protected from hacking and intrusion on our secure webspace. Lime survey will generate easy to understand and use reports for you from the submissions you receive.

If you prefer to use another online survey creation system that you already have experience with (such as Survey Monkey or Smart Survey) you can easily link to the surveys you create with those systems or integrate them into your practice website with our website editor and content management system.

You can also still create 'paper' surveys as word or pdf documents and upload them to your site for patients to download, print, fill out and return.