Coronavirus and our services

We have undertaken a number of steps to ensure our services remain available and our staff are safe


Coronavirus mitigation steps

We have been working closely with our service providers and keeping our staff safe during the current pandemic to make sure that we can provide our design, hosting, maintenance and content management services free from loss or interruption and to also make sure our clients' practice websites contain the latest advice from the NHS and UK government.

Critical infrastructure

We communicate regularly with the operators of our managed servers, to make certain they have solid plans in place to continue to provide uninterrupted services throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, particularly during periods of lockdown. Our hosting platform has remained stable throughout the pandemic with no loss of service or reduction in the page loading times of our clients' websites, despite far greater demand on those sites and the UK's web infrastructure in general.

Coronavirus advice on your surgery website

To ensure that your site is providing your patients with the latest official coronavirus advice we keep a close eye on the nhs uk and  websites. Our team will ensure that your site contains the latest guidance and links to the government and NHS Coronavirus advice pages. All our latest sites have embedded NHS content within them, including the NHS Coronavirus advice.

You can easily add your own practice-specific updates and alerts re Coronavirus using our content management system, such as how it is affecting the way you see patients, if you are moving to total triage and making use of remote consultations, what safety and mitigation measures are in place at your practice etc..

Our staff are all working remotely

Ensuring our staff do not contract Covid-19 at work is our number one priority. We made a decision back at the beginning of April to move all our staff to remote working to minimise their risk. The team are fully equipped to work remotely and our staff productivity has actually increased during this period and we will remain working from home until a vaccine has been made widely available and reassess the need for office space beyond that.